I Will Sink Below the Bubbles

“Tomorrow is a new day; you shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit
to be encumbered with your old nonsense.”
– -Ralph Waldo Emerson

I am a morning person.  I always have been and forever will be.  I am not, however, one of those incredibly annoying, peppy, cheerful morning people whom you secretly want to slap into a coma or douse with your thermos of hot coffee–I am just one of those people who is wide awake and ready to roll the minute my eyes flutter open.

And when I couple that trait with my recent bouts of insomnia, I can often accomplish most of my day’s work before everyone else has wiped the sleep from their eyes.  This morning, though, instead of washing a couple loads of laundry at 3 a.m. or cleaning the bathrooms, watering the plants, and unloading the dishwasher by 4, it was my brain that was buzzing with activity, and I felt like tapping on the keyboard.  And now that it’s almost 5, I’m preparing to head out the door in search of a sunrise, but before I go I want to share my early-morning, insomnia-induced thoughts . . .

Just for today . . .

I will be gentle with the rest of the world and, perhaps even more importantly, I will be gentle with myself.

I will lose myself in the clouds.

I will pet the cat I don’t like.

I will write, I will write, I will write.

I will squint into a painting until I see the movement behind the lines and feel the rhythm of the brush strokes.

I will bite my tongue.

I will look into the upturned face of a beautiful girl-child, and I will not succumb to the wistfulness of what might have been.

I will look for something beautiful in my reflection, and I will not stop looking until I see it.

I will be kind.

I will remember to feed my fish.

I will order dessert without feeling guilty.

I will allow myself a second glass of wine.

I will banish worry and regret and guilt from my thoughts.

I will take the first baby steps toward kicking my caffeine addiction (after I finish my breakfast Diet Dr. Pepper).

I will be present in every moment.

I will play with my camera.

I will walk through the woods and attempt to channel my muses, Emerson and Thoreau.  I will step into the stillness, and I will breathe in its calm.

I will absorb a poem and shiver with its knowledge.

I will watch the sun rise and set.

I will make time for a nap, even if it’s just a little one.

I will do at least one thing I’ve never done before.

I will do at least two things I’ve been putting off doing.

I will do or say something silly and outrageous (for me) just to see another’s reaction.

I will leap.

I will nourish my soul.

I will play.  I will explore.  I will pretend and I will imagine and I will dream (big).

I will leave “should” at home.

I will hug someone . . . maybe someone I know, maybe a stranger.  I haven’t decided yet.

I will hold my breath and sink below the bubbles.

And just for today . . .

I will not let the carelessness of others hurt my heart.

I will not let a headache control me.

I will not be bossy.

I will not make a “to do” list of household chores.

I will not, I will not, I will not (and that’s all you need to know about that).

I will not be my own worst enemy.

I will not complain about the heat, and I will not sweat.

I will shush the scared little voice in my head, and I will not be afraid.  Of anything.

Some of these pledges will be easy and fun and load-lightening, while others will be tremendously challenging and draining–which is why I am pledging “just for today” instead of guaranteeing forever.  I may have to revise my list for tomorrow . . . we’ll see.

But how about you, reader?  What pledges can you make to yourself just for today?  Please, share . . . I want to cheer you on.  Not in a rah-rah, annoyingly peppy kind of way, but, you know . . .

“Behave so the aroma of your actions may enhance the general sweetness
of the atmosphere.”
–Henry David Thoreau


About icedteawithlemon

I have recently retired from a 30-year career in education in one of the best school districts in the world. I hope to spend my second life reading, writing, photographing, traveling, biking, cheering on my favorite baseball team (the St. Louis Cardinals), and soaking up glorious sunshine. In my spare time I enjoy playing with my pet tarantulas, trying out new flavors of chewing gum, and knitting socks for prison inmates. I'm almost positive that in a past life I was one of the Seven Dwarfs (most likely "Grumpy"), and in my next life I'm going to be either a taste tester for Hershey's or a model for Victoria's Secret's new line, "Bloomers for Boomers." I want to travel country back roads, singing Vanilla Ice songs at every karaoke bar and rating bathroom cleanliness at every truckstop. And someday I plan to own a private beach where skinny girls aren't allowed. I want to be a writer when I grow up. "Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake."--Henry David Thoreau
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22 Responses to I Will Sink Below the Bubbles

  1. bev says:


  2. Jamie Adams says:

    Excellent. I am a morning person. I wouldn’t say I am “peppy” but nonetheless, a morning person. “I will not be bossy” — how’s that going? Love the Emerson and Thoreau

    • First of all, Mr. Adams, thank you–and since I’m not overly fond of “peppy” people, I’m glad you’re not one of them, either. As for the “how’s that going?” … I guess I deserved that. It’s hard to let go of 30 years of being in charge and giving orders and making requests that were secretly veiled as orders … but I AM trying. And nothing like a little Emerson and Thoreau to start the day!

  3. SUE says:

    Since I am a demented zombie in the morning (We’ve had this conversation before), you are always my inspiration! Thank you for reminding me. Love it!
    I will be tolerant with Norman.
    I will be soft spoken to Norman.
    I will be patient with Norman.
    I will keep smiling at Norman.
    JUST FOR TODAY – or maybe not.

    • Ha! You made me laugh with your list, Sue! What is it about Normans? 😉 And by the way, good luck–would it surprise you to know that I have my doubts that you will successfully complete your list?

      • SUE says:

        Well, THAT didn’t last very long.
        However, YOU ARE an inspiration.
        I will try again.

  4. I’m wondering how you’re going to get all of those things done today!…even with getting up at 3:00 am!

    Let’s see…Just for today… I won’t worry about the cost of my car and house repairs. …I will appreciate all of my friends who consider me “family” and treat me accordingly. …I will relish this afternoon I have to myself. …I will treat myself to a Starbucks. …I will feel loved. …I will be thankful I have health insurance. …I will stop thinking about eating 3 too many desserts at the wedding this afternoon. …I will enjoy life. …just for today.

  5. Kip Light says:

    The only reason I now consider myself a “morning person” is because I rarely go to sleep before the sun rises and do not wake until noon or thereafter.

    Just for today, and every day, past and future, I will be grateful for being allowed to spend one more spin on the “3rd Rock from the Sun” ferris wheel and I will strive to make at least one person’s life a little brighter because of my existence.

    • Kip, even though I still rise way too early, now that I’m retired I can at least sneak in a nap occasionally–sometimes before others have gotten out of bed to begin the day! As for your goals, you have very concisely said it all–be grateful, and make others happy. Perfect.

  6. Becca says:

    I will buy Zac applesauce so he stops making his dry socket worse.

    I will rewrite the crappy script submitted to us by someone in our new “film collective”.

    I will put on a pretty sundress after I take off my stinky work t-shirt, even though I’m not going anywhere special.

    I will cook real vegetables! No eating out tonight.

    I will read a few more chapters of “The Omnivore’s Dilemma”.

    I will continue to wish I had stolen Karen’s adorable kitten when I had the chance…

    • Becca, I hate that his dry socket is no better. I hate that there is so much “crappy” writing out there. I hate that your work shirt stinks, but I’m a big fan of pretty sundresses. Real vegetables rock. And I wish you had stolen the kitten, too. And just so you know, he’s not mistreated–just not “loved” like he probably should be.

      • Becca says:

        Oh, I know that! Bosco would be so jealous of all the sunshine and fresh air little Boots is privy to.

  7. emjayandthem says:

    Loved this!
    I am a morning girl, too, unless I give my night away to my Night-Owl husband!

    Like you, I have to resist the list making … like you, I have to be reminded to put myself on the list!

    My “just for today” is to try and stem the panic I’m feeling about my wee Mom being hospitalized .. MJ

    • Thank you, MJ. I didn’t make a list all weekend, but it was one of the first things I did this morning–and have already scratched five “to-dos” off the list–but I just looked at the list and realized nothing on it is something I WANT to do or something just for me. I need to remedy that. I’m sorry to hear that your mom has been hospitalized, and I hope that she (and you) will quickly be doing better.

  8. RayEtta says:

    Very interesting and inspiring as always. I won’t trouble you with information you don’t want, but if you are interested I may can help you in the waking up area. It has gone on for over ten years with me, and I was probably about your age when it started. It was a surprise to me when I finally found out the cause, and I still today am working on correcting it.

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