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They Oughta Take a Rope and Hang Me (a.k.a. A Trip to the Doctor’s Office)

I groggily rolled out of bed on the first buzz of the alarm, grudgingly bypassed my morning sugar and caffeine fix, and after a rather lengthy and semi-successful attempt to make myself presentable to the rest of the world, I … Continue reading

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All I Want for Christmas

My Dearest Santa Claus: I realize if I were a true believer in the boundlessness of your magical abilities, I would be asking you for food for the hungry, jobs for the unemployed, and a safe haven for the abused.  … Continue reading

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What I Really Want to Say

I seldom say what’s really on my mind.  It’s not that I lie; I frequently just don’t say anything at all.  Sometimes I remain quiet because I just don’t think of the right thing to say in the appropriate amount … Continue reading

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Little Girl Days of Long Ago

I know I’m getting older, and my memory certainly isn’t what it used to be, but I’m pretty sure (in fact, I’m almost positive) that once upon a time, a long, long, LONG time ago, I used to be a little girl who did … Continue reading

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